Creating a superior, sustainable value while protecting
your brand in the community you serve 


Creditors Bureau Associates (CBA) maintains a staff of employees who are thoroughly trained in all aspects of the collection industry. Our special knowledge and experience enables us to handle a variety of collection accounts and allows us to maintain the professionalism required of the collection industry. Our collectors are taught to be empathetic but at the same time to be diligent. Our steadfast goal is always get payment in full but if PIF is not possible, we work with the consumer to create a payment plan that is equitable for both parties. Creditors Bureau Associates is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A rating.

Creditors Bureau Associates performs their service in a courteous and conscientious manor, knowing their interaction with patients affects our image in the community. We have been extremely pleased with their returns and the service they provide to us and our patients.

Greg, Radiology Practice Director

The staff of Creditors Bureau Associates has always been accurate and ethical in the handling of their accounts. The recovery we obtain from CBA is far greater than any other agency we have tried!

Gail, Cardiovascular Practice Administrator


The collection process starts when the consumer receives service from your business. CBA works with you from the beginning of this process to make sure we create accountability from the consumer back to your organization. CBA’s core competency is creating consumer accountability. Every process we implement creates both tangible and intangible value for you. Our tangible value is created by submitting a check and statement to you each month. The intangible value is seen by the increased accountability created when our two businesses work together from the beginning to end of the collection process. Long term you will see fewer account receivables placed because our joint effort will effectively change the culture of your consumer base.


Technology can be one of the best tools to increase efficiencies in the collection industry, yet the ever-changing environment has created many pitfalls to avoid. CBA invests in technology that will allow our employees to get the most out of our process while staying compliant with all federal and state laws governing the collection industry. Account scoring, online consumer portal with payment options, and the implementation of a multi- vendor “waterfall” skip trace process are a few examples of this investment. For clients, we have a web portal that allows you to manage your collection accounts through our website at Our current clients find great value in the transparency and control they have with the ability to pull reports, load accounts, send payments securely and view their detailed consumer information.

Creditors Bureau Associates has exceeded our recovery expectations and continues to provide us with excellent results. Their service is the backbone of their growth. I highly recommend Creditors Bureau Associates without reservation.

Russ, EMS Administrator