Early Out Self-Pay Collections
Early Out Insurance Follow Up

As healthcare costs continue to increase, so do patients' self-pay balances. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, higher deductibles and co-pays have been seen across the board. The burden of collecting these higher balances is placed directly on your facility. Compared to co-pays, deductibles can take more than four times longer to collect. Some medical entities ultimately write off close to 18% of deductibles to bad debt. Our Early Out process is designed and priced so that you can easily and efficiently outsource your self-pay collections to us. We work as an extension of your office and adapt to your policies and procedures. We can place calls and send notices in your name, or in the name of our subsidiary Ocmulgee Billing Solutions. We align our people, process and technology to increase collections and ensure a quality patient experience. Increased collections mean less dollars placed with a third party collection agency.

Below you’ll find the ways we are equipped to create the most value for your organization. These tools will not only ensure they we are doing a good job for you, but help you make sure we’re doing the job right.

Third Party Collections

With the changing environment and laws governing healthcare it is import to align your organization with a collection agency that has positioned itself to collect the most money from self-pay patients. Creditors Bureau Associates understands the importance of creating a systematic collections process that will create accountability from your patients back to the organization. Below you will find our approach to collections and some of the key value added services we can provide for our current clients.

Commercial Collections

Creditors Bureau Associates' goal is to create value for your business by helping you recover outstanding accounts receivable. Stop writing off your bad debt, and let us recover it for you. Third party collection agencies returned over $40 billion dollars back into the economy in the past year by recouping bad debt that was turned over to them for collections! We have collection experience with large and small commercial businesses. We will customize our collection efforts to your business process. CBA can help you design collections procedures that will help you collect more of your accounts receivables internally and receive higher recovery rates from accounts that are placed for collections. Below are some key features you will experience if you place accounts with CBA